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oh look another plunnie

I'm still working on Youkai!verse (kinda. hit a huge block), don't worry. I know I promised to have it finished for NaNoWriMo, but school kinda got in the way. And now that I'm home with family, I'm stuck doing chores, instead of writing.
However, I was hit by another plunnie. Hard.

Here's a teaser.Collapse )

I'm calling this Contract!verse. Basically, there are creatures known as beastmen, who are pretty much human, save for animal attributes. Not just ears and claws and eyes and stuff, but also senses and instincts, which makes some of them dangerous. They are kept under control by use of Contracts. A Contracted beastman must follow all orders given to them by their human, or Contractor. Uncontracted beastmen are seen as less than human, and are generally ignored by society.

Enter Kaito and Shinichi, twin brothers, who just so happen to be crow beastmen I love my twins and wings okay shut up yes this was influenced by youkaiverse. Circumstances have left them orphans, and they now steal to survive, and also for fun. They use their twin status to their advantage, and pretend to be a single person. It's a lot easier to get away when people are only trying to chase one person, after all.

Anyways, things happen, and they eventually wind up Contracted, just so they can survive and hunt down the people that killed their parents.

Also, this is probably going to wind up Hakuba/Kaito and ShinHei. Because why the heck not.

Also also? The setting? Totally steampunk alternate reality. Because I love me some steampunk.

Nov. 14th, 2012

That was…an interesting morning.

So I’m heading home from class, and I see this group of people blocking both paths of the bike lane. This isn’t unusual, and is hella annoying, but as I get closer, I notice the girl in the center’s crouched over and sobbing hysterically. I’m about to just pass her by when I see she has a bloody shirt pressed over one eye, broken sunglasses and a large amount of blood on the pavement. So screw going home, I’m helping this girl.

One of the other girls there was giving directions and administering first aid, keeping the shirt over one eye as someone else calls the paramedics. Then I and a few other people elevate her feet using our backpacks, and I and the girl who’d been on the phone run off to grab some ice.

At this point, I’m worried that the poor girl lost her eye, especially with the suspicious ‘not all of that is blood’ on the ground and glasses. But we wait for ten minutes until the paramedics arrive, keeping her breathing normally, talking, and as calm as possible.

Then the paramedics come and I see that it’s just a head wound. Still a bad one that hasn’t stopped bleeding, but the skull wasn’t cracked, and her eye was perfectly fine. She never lost consciousness, and was scared, but never went into shock. She even walked away with the paramedics up a flight of stairs, so she’ll be fine. She’ll miss the rest of her classes for the day and possibly tomorrow, but I’m glad that all she’ll require is stitches.

but anyway, that was my morning. no more excitement, please.

In other news, I don't even know what's happening with NaNoWriMo. I have two group projects and a bunch of homework I'm scrambling to do. I know I promised I'd finish this fic within by the end of November, but with it halfway through and not even Chapter 2 finished, I don't know if I can live up to that promise.
I shall still try!


Oh look, more plunnies

They just keep coming and coming.
So many of them.

So I'm posting them here. Again. Maybe I'll go back and write them someday.
Or maybe someone else will pick them up and write them.
I dunno.

oh god there's moreCollapse )


Yuki is lazy

Yet another edition of "Yuki Can't Decide What To Write About, So She Just Plots Endlessly And Never Writes Anything"

I just wanna get my plot ideas written down. Maybe I can then look at this entry later and go "oh yeah!" and actually start writing.

So, stuff.Collapse )


Animagi talks

So I have this giant Harry Potter plunnie I've been messing around with for a while now, though nowadays it's more off than on.
Anyway, it's basically an adventure with our Golden Trio (+Draco), and I wanted to make them all animagi, so I did some research and character study into what they'd actually be.

Plotting ahoy!Collapse )

Let's see where Curiosity will take us.

History made here, today.


Jul. 24th, 2012

I feel like I should post here just to let everyone not in the loop (i.e. people I don't talk to on a near-daily basis) know what I've been up to.

I haven't been on many sites other than tumblr, because tumblr is awesome, but also because life's just hitting me in the face with a baseball bat.
Or maybe it just decided to put a barricade with the sign "Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200" on it.
I dunno.

I've had the worst luck trying to register for classes, and right now still only have one signed up. I can't find a place to move into, and the lease is up at the end of the month, and I don't want to renew it, not to mention other people are wanting to move in. My back still hurts from when I mysteriously sprained it (which I mentioned earlier), so it's kinda painful to sit down for long periods of time (i.e. 10 minutes or more), can't really twist, and only standing and laying flat on my back is comfortable. This makes it so I'm unable to ride my bike, which, in turn, limits the houses I can look for because I need to look at walking distance, not biking.
I'm having no luck getting my job at GameStop back, and it's hard to find another job. Though I'm interested in applying for temp agencies because my typing skills are pretty much unmatched, just to let you know~
And to top it all off, financial aid has denied me, so I need to work on trying to get it back, but I don't even know if I'll have any luck there.

So yeah, that's why I haven't been to any archery meetings in a while. If I tried, I'd make my back worse, and this whole month of healing would go up in flames.
Not to mention I'm worried that I might have diabetes, and I'm not sure if it was caused by my pain meds or not, and I can't get it checked out because insurance doesn't start until middle of August.
And with all of this happening, I'm actually getting depressed, and if I think about it too much and don't distract myself, I start crying because it's just too much...

I just...If I find a place to live in a week, everything will be better. I know it.

...but I only have a week...


Things I think about when I'm bored

I start thinking about random things when I'm bored enough.
Like plunnies that I'll never do anything with, but are fun to mess around with.
Things like Homestuck and Detective Conan.

Cut for troll romanceCollapse )

Birthday Weekend Bonanza

Friday was my 26th birthday, and I celebrated it this whole weekend!
Though not all was well. Woke up on Friday with a back ache, but I could still move around just fine.
My boyfriend came down from Phoenix on Friday and we hung out, ate pizza, played Pokemon Conquest, and yelled at the PS3/VGA cable that he found out Saturday just doesn't work. Then mom and grandma came down and we watched Brave and ate dinner. Brave is a great movie. It reminds me of one of those old Irish fairytales. Also, there is a scene at the very end after the credits, so everyone should stay to see it.
Saturday was also fun. Went to the Farmer's Market in the morning, then went to a brunch with some of mom's friends/relatives. I'm not quite sure how they're related to us, but I think they are. Then hung out at their place for a little while before going mall shopping. By now, my back's really acting up, so we stop in one of those mall massage places and they actually know what they're doing. Walked out with no pain whatsoever. I was so happy I could stand properly. And then we continued shopping and driving and sitting instead of lying down made it worse. But hey, I got a new printer/scanner and a Kindle Fire! Really happy there~ Ended up having dinner at Yoshimatsu's, and I still need to eat my leftovers.
Sunday was...uh. Woke up with moderate pain. Continuing to lay down while waiting for mom and grandma made me feel a lot better. But actually shopping? It hurt. Though it started to feel better halfway through, especially with using the cart as a crutch, but then I sneezed and nearly collapsed right then and there. Couldn't walk, couldn't sit, couldn't move without pain, some of it too severe to actually move. Went to urgent care where I was diagnosed with a sprained back, given painkillers, and sent home to rest. Family left as I was nodding off.
I feel a lot better now, though. I can actually get in and out of bed with very little pain! Though I'm borrowing grandma's cane since I need that to walk around anywhere, even to the fridge. I'm supposed to just rest with constant ice on my back for two weeks, so that means no archery or SCA this week. I am sad.


Wow, today was fun.
Officially (or as close as it gets, I guess?) joined the SCA today. Showed up at archery practice, and remembered how much I suck at it, even though I keep thinking I'm cool. Now I hope to develop calluses on my fingers because they are bruised. Ow.
Had a big group lunch after practice, then hung out with Gavin, Kat, and...I'm terrible at names. Sorry. We went to Hat's Games because it was Free RPG day. Yaay free mini-books. Kat forced Gavin and I to sit down to a play-test of D&D 5. It was actually kinda neat. Combat's been changed to an advantage/disadvantage system, which actually works well. Some of us broke the system quickly, others didn't get the change to, and others had the system work against them. That's okay, that's why it's a play-test. Dunno if I'll get to test again, but they'll fix it, hopefully.
And oh my god, there's a storm outside. This is June it's not monsoon season what are you doing weather (not that I'm complaining). Biiiig haboob with lightning EVERYWHERE! Apparently East Tucson got hail as well!